Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enter to Win a $50 Amazon.Com Gift Card from Net Worth Envy

Sometimes when I am watching TV and movies, I wonder how much certain celebrities are worth.  Just out of pure curiosity.  I love to watch The People’s Court and I know that Judge Milian buys her reading glasses at the dollar store.  I think that is awesome.  I remember looking up her net worth once.  She is fiscally responsible.  Another time I looked up how much Judge Judy is worth because she bet one of the litigants, part of her salary in a case. I was curious to just how much that would be.  Judge Judy is definitely worth a lot, because she has had her show for many years.  One of my favorite actors is George Clooney.  His net worth is 185 million dollars according to Net Worth Envy. It’s a pretty cool site where you can find out celebrities net worth and what they are spending their money on.  What kinds of cars they drive and if they own a yacht.  I have definitely bookmarked it to keep up to date.

Net Worth Envy has generously offered an awesome giveaway to Amazon. They are offering a $50 gift card.  I love Amazon, because I can pretty much find anything I could want on one site.  It’s great not to have to shop around at a ton of different stores or sites. You don’t have to pay shipping to a bunch of different places and wait for tons of packages.  It all comes bundled in one. You can usually get free shipping when you spend $25 or more. You can definitely score free shipping if you are the winner.  So hurry up and go enter to win a $50 Gift Card from my friends at Net Worth Envy.

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