Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What is a dingaderry or dingadairy?

Everyone has heard the song If I only had a brain from The Wizard of OZ. You could probably belt it out with  The Scarecrow himself. So while I sit outside listening to Pandora If I only had a brain came on. I asked on Twitter what a dingadairy is. I decided to Google it. They said it was a made up word. I was listening to the song while Googling and i knew that The Scarecrow wasn't smart since he has no brain. I figured out the question through the ages. Millions have pondered what a dingadairy is.  He said it wrong because he is uneducated. It's a dignitary. A dignitary is an important person who holds rank or office. Yeah I am a genius.  

Mystery Solved! 

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