Monday, December 22, 2014

My Carpool Memories

One of my favorite experiences was my carpool in eighth grade. It was such a fun group of kids. We were really close because we went to and from school together every day. If I didn't find the carpool I would have spent a lot of time before and after school waiting for my mom. So it was really a blessing. It was also so much fun getting to know them. Some of us hung out other than being just in the car. My friend Jamie was my favorite person in my carpool. We still talk on Facebook now. She lives in another state but I hope we can get together soon. It's been such a long time. I remember when her mom would drive, we would go to Taco Bell a lot after school. Her mom had the coolest van and there was even a TV and VCR in it. This was before everyone had TV's in their cars. The other kids in my carpool were cousins. I was kinda close with the other girl, she was kind of trouble. I used to go to movies with Jamie all the time. I remember when we saw a movie at the mall downtown. I don't know if she and I would be as close as we were if it weren't for carpooling. Her birthday that year was so much fun. We were playing Girl Talk and we had to ask her neighbor for ice. I don't think we got the ice or not. I think we all took the zit sticker.

I highly recommend carpooling to work or school. Your kids can make lifelong bonds and make some great friends. It's also a blessing to help someone who maybe works earlier or later than school hours.

For more information about many benefits of carpooling see my guest post.

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