Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Grandpa's Garage

My Grandpa was a diesel mechanic and he loved working on cars in his garage. He taught all of my male cousins how to fix up their cars. He would spend hours in his garage working on something or other. I wasn’t really allowed in there because there was all kinds of tools and nails and other dangerous things. My grandpa would fix up cars for friends too. He would have helped anyone just out of the kindness of his heart. After he passed away, there were some vehicles left in the garage and in the driveway that were in the process of being worked on. Instead of my Grandma Rose junking them, she with the advice of my uncles decided to donate them to charities to help others. My Grandma Rose didn’t drive. I think she drove once in her life. So, she really didn’t need a car.  I think that she was sick of looking at them all. I am not sure what happened to my grandpa’s work truck. I am sure it was either sold or donated. No one drove it in my family. Years after my grandpa passed away, my cousins would still fix their cars in my grandpa’s garage. Again some of the cars would sit there and be fixed or just kinda hang out there. They were also donated to charity after a while. I am not sure if some of my cousins were moonlighting as mechanics or what was going on. I am happy that my grandpa’s garage was being used still. He had every tool you could possibly need. He was always working on something. Sometimes I was allowed in the garage and I remember the smell of it. Every time I smell car grease I think of my Gramps. I think donating to charity is an amazing thing. Some people don’t realize you can donate cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats to charities.

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