Monday, May 25, 2015

Noah doesn't Like Disney World

My family has traveled to Orlando a lot throughout the years. Florida was always our go to travel destination.  We are a family of beach people. What I am about to tell you is shocking. Maybe even more shocking than Noah not liking chocolate milk but Noah isn't really in to Disney. We have been to Disney World a couple times and it was just cool to him. He doesn't get really excited about the rides or the characters. I am not sure if that's a boy thing or just a goofy Noah thing. So with Noah not really liking theme parks, I have to come up with other things to do on vacations. We use the Visitor's Bureau a lot to come up with different ideas. He loves animals and fish so we always go to any aquariums we can find. We also use their visitor's bureau to find new non chain restaurants for some variety. Sometimes when we are bored I will scope out our local visitor's bureau to find new things to do for a day trip or to see what is going on around town. If there's any cool festivals or events. It's really something many people don't use and should. It's free too. It saves time googling. We have found out about some really cool local events in the past few years that we would have missed otherwise. Not everything is advertised in the paper or with flyers but the visitors bureau seems to always be in the know.

For more reasons to check out the visitor's bureau check out my post.

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