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Before I was a mom, I worked in child care. After I got pregnant, I was high risk so I didn't work outside the home. I looked in to the different child care and nanny sites to hopefully make some money doing what I loved. I ended up almost getting scammed by someone who contacted me. This was back in 2006, so while scams were around, they weren't as popular. Thankfully I trusted my gut and stopped talking to them before they were successful.

Now that I am a mom, I find myself occasionally in need for a sitter. I rarely go out except to the store but it would be nice to have someone I can trust to watch Noah while I go to the store or out with friends for a bit. I work from home so I don't know too many people. Thankfully there are sites like and to provide a way to help families find sitters and sitters find work. I remember when I was a teen one of the ways I found work was the local county paper. Families would post an ad for a nanny and I would call to interview. I ended up getting two nanny jobs throughout the years that way. Now everything is digital and online.

It can be nerve wracking to find a  babysitter you can trust and who are the real deal. I don't think I would ever use Craigslist to find someone to watch my son. I would use though. and Canadian Nanny have everyone's best interest at heart. They have a special proprietary technology called Telesafe. Everything is kept on the site. There won't be any question if you are on one of the sites if the email you received is legit or not.

Everything is kept private too. All your information is secure. You don't even have to give the potential sitter or nanny your phone number. You will not get multiple calls from anyone. You give the site your number and you are then assigned a pin and the potential nanny will receive the toll free number and your pin. You will get a call log too. Telesafe will record and send you and the other person a recording of the call. That is to deter scammers from using these sites. They also are vigilant and monitor activity and remove any abusive members and anyone who sends out spam. There is a new payroll and taxes service too. It's an easy way to pay your sitter via direct deposit. No need to worry about having enough cash. You don't need to write out receipts or have a disagreement about payment. It's easy to use and worth it to sign up for.  You can use it to keep track of what you pay and for taxes.  It's only available on the CareGuide Family's websites.

After my negative experience in 2006, I didn't use the internet to find nanny jobs. Now that Noah is in school and I know that Telesafe would help stop me from being scammed.  I would even consider babysitting again. It gets kind of lonely during the day sometimes.

For more information and to find childcare check out and for my Canadian Readers,

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