Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Sand dollar wreath


My family has found many sand dollars through out the years. We used to vacation in Florida a lot. We would go on shelling trips. A shelling trip is a boat ride to an island where there are a lot of great shells. A couple times we have come home with bags of sand dollars. You have to often bleach them to make them white. Most sand dollars aren't white from the beginning. They are dead of course so bleaching them also helps with the smell. I love making crafts out of shells so I decided to make a simple sand dollar wreath.

You can either find them or buy them. All of the sand dollars I used we found. We don't like to buy shells unless they are not in the area. I have purchased star fish in the past. I buy them from The Shell Shop in St. Pete Beach. You can order them online too. They have an amazing selection. 

Here's how to make a simple sand dollar wreath:

1 wooden wreath from the dollar store

10 sand dollars or enough to go all the way around. 

Glue gun

Embellishments. I used a starfish I bought for a dollar. 

Place the sand dollars around the wreath and carefully hot glue them on. Over lapping them looks really neat. 

Once dried add your embellishments with hot glue. 

Attach a ribbon or a piece of cord and voila! 

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