Thursday, September 22, 2022

How to make easy candles

 I used to love making candles when I was younger. I still have an extensive candle collection. Making candles can be really easy and you don't even have to melt the wax. It's a great craft for little kids because there's no heat while making them. I know the thought of dipping candles over a hot pot of wax where you have to make sure you dip them in wax and then in water can be time consuming. It is fun but it is annoying if you don't remember if you did it properly. Noah and I have dipped candles before and they turned out great. I like the easy way though for a quick rainy day craft. 

Easy candles
Different colors of granulated wax
Wicks with the metal button on them 
Glass candle holders. You could even recycle one. 

Place the wick in the bottom of the candle holder. The ones with the metal button help it stand up. 

Layer different colors of wax in the candle holder. You could even break up little bits of scent that you find in the candle making aisle at the craft store to make them smell good.

Trim the wick. Easy Peasy you have a simple homemade 

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