Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Envelope

The world is a big, yet small place.  The following story is completely true; the names have been changed to protect the parties involved.

I was the typical teenage girl who was attracted to bad guys.  You know the type rebels, tough guys, the kind that your parents warned you about. Well, when I was younger, thankfully I grew out of this stage, I started talking to this guy, we will call him Tyler Durden (cute huh?).  Tyler Durden was my best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend. I started talking to him one night.  We became close and we talked every day for hours. Well Tyler got in trouble and ended up going to Boy’s School, which is also known as Juvenile.  I never did know exactly what he did to get in there.  I pretty much stopped talking to him, we would occasionally send each other letters while he was in Boy’s School. I decided that I didn’t really want to per sue anything with Tyler because he was not a good guy to be around and I met another guy which I will call Bob Marley.  Bob was not much better than Tyler, he used to live under a bridge. He was pretty much a hippie and not a really good guy to hang around either but I was young and dumb and I thought I was in love. 

I pretty much stopped responding to Tyler after I started dated Bob.  I wasn’t really interested anymore and I still didn’t know what he did. However I did think it would be cool to date my best friend’s boy friend’s best friend.  Tyler would still send me letters and call me when he could. One day my mom decided to get the mail. I think it was a weekend day. So, she saw the Boy’s School stamp saying this letter was from an inmate.  My mom knew I was dating Bob Marley and the letter had hand written on it Bob Marley.  They would give you a set amount of envelopes and when you ran out you were out of luck.  My mom was pretty upset for two reasons, her teenage daughter was receiving mail from an inmate and it was from someone who was named Bob Marley.  I explained that it wasn’t my Bob Marley and told her the truth about who it was. I was forbidden to talk to Tyler Durden. After things with Bob Marley didn’t work out, I was talking to Tyler Durden again for a little while longer. I gave him my friend’s address and he sent the letters to her.  I found out that Tyler ran out of envelopes and borrowed one from  Bob Marley whose real name is a very common first and last name. It was a sheer coincidence.  After that I stopped talking to Tyler Durden.   This was in like May.

I am sure you are like so what, people have the same names all the time, but it gets weirder.
In October, I was home from school, I had been sick, I was on AOL in a chatroom. I started talking to this  random guy and I knew his name was Bob.  I didn’t want to type anymore so I gave him my number and he called me. The caller id said something like Martha Marley.  I thought wow another one? Well it is a pretty common name after all there must be millions of Bob Marley’s out there.  Then I was like thinking about it while I talked to him and asked him, figuring he would have no clue what I was talking about, Do you know a guy named Tyler Durden?  He responded yeah, I was in Boy’s School with him.  I squeaked out, I got your envelope.

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  1. That is truly bizarre!
    I know what you mean about being attracted to the wrong sort. Especially when we are younger, there is something so appealing, dangerous and exciting about being exposed to anyone who is not just another carbon copy of ourselves, our lives and what we are used to...