Friday, June 10, 2011

What is a Homeware?

The media seem to like throwing around jargon that either means nothing or a thousand things at once, the key word they’ve cottoned on to at the moment is homeware. We see it in articles relating to the home, and shops have even started using it as a category to put a wide variety of items under. But what does it actually mean?

The dictionary definitions say that homeware is furnishing for the home, this includes furniture and cushions. But is there more to homeware than just furnishings? Furnishings tend to imply those little extras that finish a room, the curtains and knick knacks, but are modern homeware more? Does it include cutlery, plates and other kitchen items? Well the shops seem to think so and most people you talk to seem to agree with them.

So it seems in the modern world homeware has taken on a new definition and expanded its range to, well, everything that may be needed in the home. Be it bedding, curtains, a bin, kitchen equipment or even a bed itself homeware covers it all. There is of course a question where the term homeware stops and appliances begin. For example a blender can easily be considered to be homeware, but what about a fridge or tumble dryer? These are traditionally considered to be appliances, maybe in the case of crossovers it depends upon the size, with smaller items that can be tucked away, being considered as homeware. Or maybe, just maybe, homeware can be considered an overarching category that appliances falls under in its own sub category.

If homeware is now deemed to cover the home and everything in it, it seems the next logical question is how far the term home extends to. Does it cover the garden and gardening equipment? What about the garage and its contents?

It seems that the term homeware is a continuously evolving idea that changes depending on the worlds current needs and demands on it. Given 50 years who knows how homeware will be seen, it might have changed dramatically from the view we have of it now.

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