Thursday, November 3, 2011

I was a Stuckup Snot in Jr. High

I don’t know if you can believe it or not, but I was once stuck up. OK I am still quasi-stuck up, I will admit but in Jr. High it was bad. See I grew up in a really nice town that had a reputation of being full of snobby and stuck up people.  It was and probably still is very well known. I didn’t like telling people I was from Carmel because you were called a Carmelite, and were immediately labeled, rich and stuck up.  I remember I went on a cruise when I was in 7th grade and there happened to be some kids that were from Indianapolis and when we found out we were all from Indiana you automatically say well I am from such and such as anyone from a common area would do.  I remember them calling me a Carmelite. I wasn’t too thrilled with that, because I wasn’t too sure what it meant. 

When I was in 7th grade, my math teacher was named Mrs. Cooke and her room was completely pink, I was surprised her hair wasn’t pink as much as she loved it. She would always wear pink.  There was this kid named Mike, who was in my class who said that he shopped at Goodwill. Being the punk I was I said, that’s were poor people shop. I referred to him as poor.  How rude was I? I mean I was a stuck up girl that shopped at Limited Too and Express and I was calling this kid poor.  Now I love Goodwill. I don’t shop there often anymore but I have in the past.  I have nothing against Goodwill, I think they do wonderful things and I even shop there. It’s just funny how you remember certain things from your past and regret what a huge snot you were.

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