Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Make money with your car

Everyone wants to make extra cash. It doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank. You are looking to save for a rainy day when an expense can wipe you out. You can go from living comfortably to not being able to make ends meet. Emergencies happen and if you aren't prepared it can be devastating. Saving for a rainy day should start now, before the storm. You might even be looking for something to help you make ends meet right now.

 Here are some ideas how to make money with your car. 

You can drive people around town. It's fairly easy as long as you have a good car. This job is extremely flexible and you can do it at any hour of the day.

You can deliver groceries to homes of people who don't have time to shop. It's basically going to the grocery store and picking up those items and delivering. It’s a great thing to have someone bring you groceries.

You can rent your car out to a friend as long as they have a good driving record and a license for a fee. Make sure they sign an agreement, just in case.

You can deliver for Amazon. One of my good friends is an Amazon delivery driver. In some areas, Amazon delivers within a couple hours and they hire people to deliver the packages.

You can do the old standby of delivering food from restaurants. You have two options, work for the restaurant or work for a third-party company that takes you to different restaurants. I was an order placed for a while and when I had to call different restaurants it made me so hungry. 

You can offer errand running services to the elderly and give them some companionship while you take them around. This would be great if you have older people in your neighborhood, who probably wouldn’t mind if your kids came along. You can help them shop too.

If you don't have a good car you can invest in a new one and pick up a couple side jobs. A lot of them let you choose your own hours and are flexible. Start putting your car to work for you today. You probably won't become rich from doing these but sometimes every bit will help especially when you have kids who want to go to summer camp or want to take a family vacation. 

Hopefully you will be able to use these suggestions to make some extra money this summer. 

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