Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How the Kids at Collegiate Academy Made a Difference for Their School and the World

I'm a grandfather, and I have three grandkids, and although they're still a little too young to be onto grand adventures of changing the world, I have seen many young people do things that have made a difference for their school and, yes, even the world.

Let’s take, for instance, Collegiate Academy. This particular school is located in the Southern United States, and forty percent of the kids are from families with economic needs. That means that the school often has to work harder to raise the money that students in more affluent districts can fund raise from their parents and community. The students at Collegiate needed creative fundraising ideas. (For your FREE digital school fundraising and marketing books, click here.

The dynamic kids at this school were not going to be deterred. The students understood that they needed to be part of the solution for their academic and extra-curricular activities, as well as scholarship aid. Kids can be self-aware and resilient, and it's why you can never underestimate them.

They had big plans and wanted a unique fundraiser, and after some discussions with school faculty, they decided to do a shoe drive fundraiser. The students challenged their teachers and school clubs to each fill ten bags of gently worn, used and new shoes. (Click here for your FREE school fundraising and marketing books).

Once they started their fundraiser, it was an all-out effort to collect shoes. Everyone got involved, and one of the best ways they discovered to help spread the message was to promote the shoe drive fundraiser on Facebook. They also placed shoe collection containers outside of their homes, and they asked their parents and adults to gather shoes at places or work.

The Collegiate Academy students stuck to it and maintained their focus, which helped them promote school and team spirit. Everyone wanted to achieve the common goal of fundraising success. And, they managed to engage parents, families and the local community for support because no one had to donate money. All supporters had to do was give the gently worn, used and new shoes they no longer wanted or needed and that were taking up space in closets, storage, and homes.

When the school completed one the most successful school fundraisers, Funds2Orgs, the leading shoe drive fundraising company in North America with many creative fundraising ideas for success, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, issued Collegiate Academy a check.

In addition to raising funds, the Collegiate Academy students helped make an impact on the lives of many around the world because the shoes were sent to micro-entrepreneurs (small business owners) in developing nations seeking an economic path out of poverty for themselves. Also, the footwear collected in the shoe drive fundraiser were re-purposed, which helped our planet, the environment, and health.

Next time you're thinking of a way to raise money, remember the students of Collegiate Academy. And, as my gift to you, click here to download your FREE school fundraising and marketing books just in time to make your back-to-school marketing and fundraising efforts a success.

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