Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Road trips are easier for souvenirs

If you are anything like me, you love buying souvenirs while on vacation. Sometimes you end up getting carried away. There are stores that are in Florida that aren't in Indiana, so sometimes I end up buying too much. Our last trip to Florida, we ended up bringing home four suitcases and four carry on bags. I am usually a very light packer. I had everything from clothes to kitchen stuff to picture frames. We also drove down with my mom so we had extra stuff from riding in the car. 

I prefer to go on a road trip when I know I will be shopping it's so much easier trying to get your goodies home. You also aren't limited to what you can bring. I went to Trader Joe's and bought some cheese and ended up getting my carry on searched. I had no idea why they were searching my bag. I had all kinds of random things. All I could think of is the episode of I Love Lucy when Lucy flies home with cheese and pretends it's her baby. 

 It was so hard to manage all of our carry on bags. Most of the bags had fragile things in them. I am still not sure how I got them all under two seats. I did end up breaking a frame I have had for a long time. It was something I left at my mom’s when we lived in Florida. I was able to glue it back together with wood glue. 

You also have to be careful about what kind of gifts you buy when you are going to fly. I learned recently that you can't have a snow globe in a carry on bag unless it's smaller than a tennis ball. You don't want to put it in your checked bag or it will break. I am not sure why I didn't think about the fact that there's liquid in it. Lots of people collect snow globes. It would be very sad if someone loves a snow globe and they tell you that you can't fly with it unless it's in your checked bag.  

When we landed, we had so much to carry I had to get a luggage cart to manage all of it. I am still not an octopus so I couldn't carry everything. I don't get them very often but for five dollars, I don't have to try and carry eight bags to the car. I was so worried my friend was going to be annoyed we had so much luggage, but wasn't. It was funny because I looked at my bank account later and saw a weird charge and I was trying to figure it out. I even searched it online. I finally realized it was the luggage cart from the airport. 

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