Thursday, September 1, 2022

Free ways to be kind

I have always been big into being kind. Being kind is so easy. It’s much harder in my opinion than being mean. When you are mean, you have to work harder and think of ways to hurt people. There’s a common misconception that being kind means having to reach in your pocket and give money. While giving money is a great thing to do, not everyone can afford to give all the time.  I wanted to share some free ways you can be kind to someone else. Maybe if more people realize that you don’t have to give money, they might be open to being more kind. 

Open the door for someone else at the store. Let others go in front of you. Hold the door for as many people as you can. I remember one time, I was at the mall and there was a woman using a walker and I waited for her to come in and I held the door for her. She thought that was the kindness thing. 

Let someone go in front of you in the checkout. If you aren’t in a hurry, let them go before you.  It doesn’t take very long to wait. I always have a knack for finding the line that will have problems anyways. 

Smile at someone. My best friends mom is in a nursing home. The other day we went to go take her something. There was a woman in a wheelchair and I smiled at her. She smiled back. It was the coolest exchange. 

Say something kind to a stranger. Give them a compliment. If you like their hair or their outfit, tell them. You can definitely find something about them you like. Just even as them how they are doing?

If your baking, send some treats to a friend. I did my normal holiday baking and I sent treats to two of my friends who in turn shared them with others. Bring cookies to a neighbor. 

Spend time with people. I know that one sounds so easy and almost redundant. Honestly though people just want your time. They want to make memories with you. You don’t have to do anything special. Just give them your undivided attention. Put your phone away and focus on them. 

Offer to help a neighbor or friend. If you know how to do something a neighbor can’t do, do it for them. Offer to take them to the store if they don’t drive.  Loan them something.  Neighbors are friends that live next door. 

Mow someone’s lawn or shovel their driveway. All my neighbors have snow blowers and thankfully my neighbor will clear off my driveway and sidewalks for us. 

I would love to know ways that you can be kind without spending any money. 

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