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How to make chocolate covered Strawberries

 When you are going to romance someone the best way is through their stomach. It doesn't matter if they are male or female or who they are. Everyone loves to eat. If you think about a luxurious dessert, you may think of chocolate covered strawberries. Sure you can buy them from the bakery or at a specialty store but prepare to pay out the nose for them. The chocolate covered strawberries could cost you a couple bucks each. I remember making them randomly in my apartment before I was a mom. It just sounded good. I didn't have the money to buy some at the local chocolate shop. So I made my own. I have made them with all kinds of chocolate. Everything from chocolate chips to candy bars. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Big strawberries
Chocolate of your choice 
1 teaspoon of shortening 

Melt the chocolate and shortening in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second intervals until smooth. 
Dip the strawberries and put it on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. 

Here's some ideas to make them more fancy:

You can add crumbled candy bar and sprinkle on

Sprinkles or chocolate chips

You can drizzle candy melts or another type of chocolate on them after they dry. 
Just have fun with it. 

Put in the refrigerator to harden and enjoy!

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