Tuesday, June 4, 2024

How to make simple bookmarks with things around your house

I love being crafty. Years ago, I was going to a blogging conference and I didn't have business cards. I know I know, bad Sheilacakes. I decided instead of printing business cards, I wanted to be different. I had started making bookmarks randomly. I had purchased a bookmark making kit on clearance and decided to try it. I made bookmarks in the past for my mom and her friends. It was just something fun to do before I started blogging. I quickly went through the materials in the kit. I wanted to make more. Honestly, all I used was the cardboard base. I purposely kept a bare cardboard base and started making my own out of random pieces of cardboard and cereal boxes. Making bookmarks is easy and fun.

How to make beautiful bookmarks:

Cardboard from a cereal box or any other thin cardboard.

Patterned Paper If you don't have patterned paper you can stamp or draw on them

Solid colored paper

Hole punch

Double sided tape

Different flat embellishments like shaped paper shapes, stamps or stickers

Cut bookmark shaped pieces of cardboard. You can use any bookmark you might have around the house.
Repeat the shape with the patterned paper and solid color paper

Using double sided tape tape the patterned paper and solid colored paper on different sides

Embellish any way you would like

Punch a hole towards the top of the bookmark and tie ribbon on it. 

There you have a simple handmade bookmark made with love. 

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