Sunday, May 19, 2024

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches


Noah loves to eat ice cream sandwiches. We buy them often for his dessert. I like them too. As a special treat I decided to make him a homemade ice cream sandwich. We had bought some cookies from the bakery so I thought why not. You can also make your own cookies if you want. It's super easy fun and special dessert. 

Here's my recipe:
2 cookies per sandwich
Ice cream of your choice 

Take two cookies and lay the bottom side up. 

Scoop a couple scoops of ice cream on one cookie. 

Put the other cookie on top and roll or sprinkle on sprinkles on the ice cream. 
Place in the freezer and enjoy.

It's best if you use frozen cookies but my stroke of genius was too late for that. It still worked though. The cookie kind of cracked but I smooshed it back together.  I chose sugar cookies from the grocery store bakery and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Any kind of sprinkles will do. Mine are from Christmas. 

I hope you enjoyed this simple and delicious treat recipe. 

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